We are an active couple in our fifties. Mike has an aviation background and Debbie has a medical background. Debbie is also a Doterra Wellness Advocate. After looking all over, we decided Trinidad was the best place in the world to live. Being right on the ocean and watching the waves crash on the offshore rocks and watching the whales, seals and sea lions has no parallel. It’s a runner’s and biker’s paradise since it always has cool temperatures and there are great places to run and bike all around. It’s small and uncrowded with no traffic, yet just big enough to have a grocery store and restaurants. And there’s an airport (ACV) only 10 minutes away. So, after vacationing here for ten years we decided to retire here. We moved to Trinidad in 2010. We found this wonderful oceanfront property in an area of five to ten acre estates, yet its only two miles from town. Many people have said we have the best views in Trinidad. Plus, there’s a waterfall that falls from our creek onto the beach. We own and manage the Oceanfront Chalet and are on site in the adjacent house to the south of the guest house. Basically, we are there for you if you need us, otherwise we keep to ourselves.