Vacation Rentals Vs. Hotels

Recently, we had an inquiry where someone noted that she thought they might be more comfortable in a place like ours than in a hotel room. To put this in perspective, this is a bit like comparing a couple taking a cross country trip in a private jet vs a couple riding tandem cross country on a moped. You can get there either way but a Lear jet is a completely different experience.

Here is a list of some of the differences between the Oceanfront vacation rental experience vs. the hotel experience:

  • You are in a secluded environment instead of being surrounded by dozens or hundreds of fellow travelers. Other than the owners being close by to provide assistance if needed, you are virtually alone.
  • You get to hear the sound of ocean waves instead of the sounds of people walking down the halls, TV noise coming through the walls, traffic and sirens on the street and people making a racket in the room next to yours.
  • The size of the Chalet is equal to the size of four average hotel rooms put together.
  • Your own private beach to go tide pooling at vs. a hotel lobby.
  • Watching whales from the living room, deck, bluff or beach vs. watching people carry luggage up and down hallways.
  • Your own private hot tub vs sharing one with strangers.
  • Have your meals on your own schedule, not according to the dining room’s schedule.
  • You get extras like a rock climbing wall, a BBQ, a fire pit and a washer & dryer (and you can pack less since you have the option of reusing your clothes).
  • High end amenities like Harney & Sons tea, Keurig and Peets coffee, Aveda shampoo & conditioner, his and hers Egyptian cotton bathrobes, etc.
  • A full kitchen gives you the option of saving money on meals.
  • No hidden costs (energy tax, parking fees, wifi fees, etc)

The Oceanfront Chalet – Your best choice for an awesome vacation!