Trinidad Head Marathon

Trinidad Head Inaugural Marathon. Nov 5, 2017
It was still raining at 7:30 AM with a forecast of a 90% chance of rain until 1 PM. So I wondered if anyone would show up (including myself)! Surprisingly ten of us showed up. Conditions ended up being much better than predicted and we only had a light rain for about an hour out of the 5+ hours I was there. There was heavy cloud cover or rain so there were a lot of GPS dropouts and mileage may appear shorter than actual. I remeasured the elevation gain with an altimeter watch and came up with 270′ per loop or 5,670′ for the full marathon.
Yoland St. John: 2 laps for 2.5 miles in ?
Dawn Durbin and Kit Meyer: 4 laps for 5 miles in 1:14:00
Tahinia Campbell: 5.5 laps for 6.88 miles in ?
Shawn Magnuson: 7 laps for 8.75 miles.
Steve Walston and Matt Hodgson: 8 laps for 10 miles in 2:07:00
Tom Davies and Mike Wood (tied for first place and course record holders): 21 laps for 26.2 miles in 5 hours, 11 minutes and 33 seconds. I think Tom could have easily surged ahead but he held back to stay with me.

Notes for next year:
I would leave a poster board and a Sharpee at the bottom for people to keep track of their number of laps with.
I’ll add a 50K (26 laps)