Trinidad Head Marathon

First and foremost this is not an organized event, merely a gathering of individuals that love to run. Come join us at Trinidad Head on Sunday, November 5th. I will be starting at 8 AM, however anyone can start whenever they want. You also have the option to do as few or as many loops as you like. Each loop is 1.25 miles long. To complete a full loop, start at the chain at the bottom of the trail. While you’re on the loop, make sure you go around the TRAIL post between the lighthouse overlook and the memorial cross. Come back to the bottom and touch the chain.

To do a full marathon, you need 21 loops. Direction (counterclockwise or clockwise) is also your choice.

No aid and no awards.
Hazards: Roots and uneven asphalt which are guaranteed to get higher with each successive loop.
Poison oak. Not usually a problem so long as you can remain in the center of the trail. The problem is the trail is not maintained very well and if two or more persons pass side by side in the thin sections then you might scrape some along the side.
A mountain lion has been reported to have been sighted on the head.

Each loop features approximately 300′ of elevation gain so you should be well trained in hills if you want to do the full marathon.